Dead Kennedys “Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables” Gets a 2022 Anniversary Remix Release 9/30 (Listen Here)

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On September 30th, Dead Kennedys will re-release Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables – one of the seminal punk-rock records of all time. The 1980 album is having somewhat of a belated 40th anniversary and to celebrate it, Manifesto Records has put together a new remix by Chris Lord-Alge with the help of original band members East Bay Ray (guitar) and Klaus Fluoride (bass).

On face, the Grammy-award winning mix engineer Lord-Alge might seem like a strange choice. But although he’s known for working with pop and rock behemoths like Bruce Springsteen, Celine Dion, Madonna, Carly Simon, Tina Turner, and Chaka Khan, he holds a special place in his heart for the Dead Kennedys’ album, and has also collaborated successfully with Bad Religion, Oingo Boingo and Green Day (particularly American Idiot and Boulevard of Broken Dreams.)

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Listeners will be keen to a noticeable oomph to the 2022 sound – fuller, bass-ier, “heavier” than the original – which had a thinner/tinnier concentration on the top end. Of course, to some, that’s exactly what they love about the original mix – the in-your-face vocals and the DIY aesthetic.

Lord-Alge says “Revisiting Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables was such an inside peek at a band packing so much excitement onto tape for every song. The style and playing has such drive and spirit. The big challenge for me was keeping it honest to its original sound and not letting it become modern, but improving the separation and clarity.”

Dead Kennedys being the Dead Kennedys, the new mix comes with a heaping load of acrimony and controversy, courtesy of DK former front-man Jello Biafra – who dropped an angry press-release via his label Alternative Tentacles insulting everyone involved. His entire release is HERE, and he eventually sums up his missive as a cautionary “LISTEN BEFORE YOU BUY!!”

The outspoken Biafra has always had an axe to grind with his former bandmates who have continued performing without him since 2001. Most of the discord stems from endless lawsuits over unpaid royalties and which led to Biafra losing the majority of his rights to DK’s back-catalogue. Biafra has refused any attempts by the other members to bury the hatchet in any reunion efforts.

Among Biafra’s criticisms are:
“I was deliberately locked out. Not one person from the band or the labels reached out to me at all.”

“I hate to say this, but to me it’s….well….kinda boring. Sure, the sound is a little fuller, a little warmer, with a little more bottom end. But the top-end presence and power, so crucial to full-on in your face Punk, sounds rolled off and smoothed over, even muffly.”

“And why was Chris Lord-Alge chosen in the first place?? Sure, he’s bigtime Hollywood, as big as it gets. But there’s so many others with a better more heartfelt grasp of what Dead Kennedys really is, who I think could have done a better job.”

Despite this, Biafra also admits “No, I don’t think it’s ‘terrible.’ Sure, some people may like this version a little better, depending on taste. Just LISTEN BEFORE YOU BUY.”

And with that said, here are a few previews of the 2022 remix. You decide.

“Kill The Poor” (2022 Remix)

“Kill The Poor” Original:

“Chemical Warfare” (2022 Remix)

“Chemical Warfare” (Original)

Whichever you prefer (or in our case, BOTH!) many would agree that Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables is one of the most important punk rock records of all time.

“My education was punk rock – what the Dead Kennedys said – it was attacking America, but it was America at the same time.” Billie Joe Armstrong

“If you had to define and summarize all of punk rock, in my opinion it would be the Sex Pistols’ ‘Never Mind the Bollocks,’ the Ramones’ ‘Rocket to Russia,’ and Dead Kennedys’ ‘Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables’” — David Ellefson; Megadeth.

I went to the DK’s Rock against Reagan show.. the Dead Kennedys were playing…and were one of my favorite bands. There were police helicopters all over the place and buses filled up with riot police. As a thirteen year old kid, that was like my own little revolution.” – Dave Grohl

“It is a slab of timeless perfection that will never be duplicated or imitated” — Fletcher Dragge; Pennywise.

Click here to pre-order Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables 2022 Mix on CD from our Rock Cellar Store
Click here to pre-order Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables 2022 Mix on Vinyl from our Rock Cellar Store

Track Listing:
1. Kill the Poor
2. Forward to Death
3. When Ya Get Drafted
4. Let’s Lynch the Landlord
5. Drug Me
6. Your Emotions
7. Chemical Warfare
8. California Über Alles
9. I Kill Children
10. Stealing People’s Mail
11. Funland at the Beach
12. Ill in the Head
13. Holiday in Cambodia
14. Viva Las Vegas

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