Your Weekend Social Distancing Home Viewing: Dead & Company’s Free #CouchTour Livestream, via and Facebook

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Right now, with our everyday way of life turned on its head as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, is the perfect time to hang out at home and refrain from doing pretty much anything else. That’s the whole point of social distancing, after all, and this weekend, Dead & Company will begin a special livestream series that they’re offering up for free to fans.

The “One More Saturday Night” series will kick off Saturday on, a streaming platform that is a key component of the “jam band” scene of which Dead & Company is very much a key participant, and will launch with a Dead & Company gig from Austin, Texas in 2017:

As explained in the Instagram post, the gig will stream for free via or Facebook.

If you’re looking for more at-home streaming entertainment currently available, Bruce Springsteen’s London calling: Live at Hyde Park concert film was put up for viewing this week,  Rolling Stone launched a special live series with Brian Wilson on Tuesday,  Coldplay’s Chris MartinU2’s BonoBen Gibbard of Death Cab for CutieMichael Stipe of R.E.M., the Dropkick Murphys, John Legend and others staged impromptu concerts on social media, Willie Nelson’s canceled Luck Reunion festival lives on as a livestream concert even Thursday evening, and so on.

There are also a number of quality music films and documentaries up on streaming platforms, too — plenty of ways to kill some time while stuck at home.

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