Toto’s David Paich Shares Epic New Track “Spirit of the Moonrise”; Solo Debut ‘Forgotten Toys’ Out 8/19

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On Aug. 19, David Paich of Toto will unveil his first solo album, Forgotten Toys.

It marks a major moment in Paich’s iconic career, which has stretched across decades and spanned timeless work with Toto and a resume that also includes high-profile work with the likes of Steely Dan, Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart, the Doobie Brothers and countless more.

Previewing his new record, Paich debuted a music video for the mysterious and engaging track “Spirit of the Moonrise,” featuring pal Steve Lukather on guitar, with a video that Paich explained mirrors a dream he experiences frequently:

“This is a recurring dream about a distraught girl, riding ‘neath the moonlight. It has perplexed me over many a night…”

More on the story behind Forgotten Toys, per a news release:

Like most treasured mementos and keepsakes, we hold on to songs forever. We dust them off when we need them, put them back on the shelf, and discover them again months or sometimes years down the line. With his diverse catalogue, he has been kicking around song ideas for a solo album for some time. The COVID lockdown presented Paich the opportunity to revisit those songs, and the result being a collection of tunes that he has carried in my head for years. He shares, “It seemed like it was time to put something together. Some of these really are forgotten toys. It had been a while since I’ve been in my studio and I found myself listening to these little pieces continuously. I kept rediscovering them, hoping to fit the tracks together like a musical puzzle.”

For as much as it may be a “solo” album, Paich couldn’t help but invite a few friends to play. Joined by Joseph Williams as co-producer and sometimes co-vocalist, he welcomed everyone from Toto’s Steve Lukather to Brian Eno, Michael McDonald, Ray Parker Jr., Don Felder, and Steve Jordan of The Rolling Stones.

The album cover artwork provides a poetically nostalgic representation of the concept. It features a variety of memories Paich’s wife has held onto over the years. “I hope this will give everyone a glimpse into another side of me, one they’ve never heard in a musical context.”

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The album’s track listing:

1. Forward
2. Willibelongtoyou
3. Spirit of the Moonrise
4. First Time
5. Queen Charade
6. All the Tears That Shine
7. Lucy

Paich’s Toto band mates, Joseph Williams and Lukather, also released solo records of their own in early 2021 — click here for more on those.

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