David Lee Roth Surprised Some Las Vegas Partiers Blasting Van Halen — But They Didn’t Recognize Him

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Imagine you’re in Las Vegas having the time of your life with your pals, drinking booze and blasting some classic Van Halen songs in your hotel suite. Maybe “Panama,” perhaps “Jump,” maybe even “Ice Cream Man,” if you’re feeling spontaneous. And then David Lee Roth shows up knocking on your door.

Would that be exciting to you, clearly a Van Halen fan? Objectively, this sounds like a VH fan’s dream. But in a video uploaded to Roth’s YouTube channel that’s been circulating on the internet today, this exact scenario played out earlier this month in Vegas … and the young valium to purchase party bro’s getting surprised by DLR didn’t seem to have a clue who he was.

It’s all pretty wild:

Imagine apologizing to David Lee Roth for partying too hard, while not knowing who he is. These Electric Daisy Carnival revelers must have been listening to some random playlist on Spotify — that’s the best explanation for why they didn’t know who Roth was as he stood in their doorway unannounced.

Then again, these guys are obviously pretty loaded, being that they’re in Vegas for an electronic music festival and/or bachelor party.

Either way, a pretty amusing set of circumstances, for sure …

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