David Lee Roth’s Original Artwork Created During the COVID-19 Pandemic is Colorful and Heavy on Frogs

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David Lee Roth was supposed to be out on tour supporting KISS on its End of the Road tour this year, but then the COVID-19 pandemic came along and ended the tour shortly after it began.

Faced with an abundance of free time, the legendary vocalist of Van Halen felt the spark of creativity and set out on making some original artwork, and has been sharing bits and pieces of it on social media for the past few months (per Blabbermouth).


Diamond Dave seems particularly interested in frogs — colorful frogs, with enough of a jarring irreverence to their design to call to mind the work of Ralph Steadman, whose work adorned the pages of Hunter S. Thompson’s visionary book Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas.


Obviously as confused by the lack of cohesion in messaging from the various news outlets regarding how best to handle COVID-19 the past few months, David Lee Roth expressed that frustration in a few pieces:


This one seems to point out how “show biz” has been upended by the pandemic:


Other examples:



This artistic streak from Roth isn’t new — The Van Halen News Desk pointed out more than a decade ago that the singer had shared his art with the masses, which he deemed “authentic originals and incompetent imitations” at the time.

Keep it up, Dave — at least until concerts come back, OK?

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