‘The Rock Cellar Conversations’ Podcast Returns with World Renowned Singer/Songwriter David Gray

Rock Cellar Magazine

In round two of Rock Cellar Magazine’s new podcast series, “The Rock Cellar Conversations,” KCSN Los Angeles DJ Jim Nelson sat down with singer/songwriter David Gray.
Gray’s new The Best Of David Gray release gave Nelson the opportunity to discuss the hows and whys of songwriting with the guy who holds the record for the biggest-selling album in the history of Ireland. Gray isn’t Irish, but U2 is, and the two of them enjoyed a light-hearted bit of repartee regarding this fact. They also chatted about how Gray’s massive hit song “Babylon” was like Frankenstein’s monster.
It’s our second chance to make a first impression with “The Rock Cellar Conversations,” with host Jim Nelson.
Stream it below via SoundCloud:

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