Watch David Byrne Bring His Unbelievable ‘American Utopia’ Performance to ‘SNL’

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David Byrne returned to the Saturday Night Live stage this past weekend for his first appearance on the program since Talking Heads played in 1989 — but anybody who’s paid attention to the legendary artist’s career lately knows he wasn’t just there to play a song or two.

No, Byrne was there to promote his current American Utopia Broadway show, based on his jaw-dropping 2018 tour of the same name. The Broadway run was recently extended, and everybody is encouraged to check it out if at all possible.

Touching on songs from throughout Byrne’s career with Talking Heads to his innovative solo career and beyond, the American Utopia live show featured an ensemble of dancers performers moving about the stage in unison, not moored to their respective places on the “stage” as you’d see with any other traditional concert.

To drive that point home, here’s Byrne’s performance of “Once In a Lifetime” from SNL:

Pretty unreal, right?

Byrne and his American Utopia ensemble also performed “Toe Jam,” a cover of the British electronic act The Brighton Port Authority, which is also a part of the Broadway show:

Byrne also appeared in a skit titled “Airport Sushi,” which included a fun reference to “Road to Nowhere”:

Additionally, SNL put together a video featuring David Byrne reflecting on returning to the program 40 years after his first performance with Talking Heads in 1980:

Catch David Byrne and his Broadway run of American Utopia in NYC — you won’t regret it.

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