David Byrne Brought His Immersive and Rule-Breaking ‘American Utopia’ Broadway Show to ‘Fallon’ to Perform ‘Road to Nowhere’

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When the fiercely and unceasingly original David Byrne announced he was taking his American Utopia live show to Broadway for a special limited-engagement run, it was especially intriguing.

This was to be more than a typical stage show of any variety, as evidenced by the incredible, immersive live concert experience that Byrne carried out on his American Utopia solo tour supporting his 2018 album of the same name.

Well, OK, it wasn’t exactly a “solo tour,” so much as a constantly-moving ensemble of musicians and dancers moving in unison around the stage, which was bare in order to give the performers full flexibility and range of motion. It was really something special.

The Broadway adaptation looks to be more of the same, judging by what Byrne and his troupe brought to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night. Performing the Talking Heads classic “Road to Nowhere,” this isn’t just a “musical performance,” it’s an experience of the most entertaining degree.


With this live show, Byrne continues pushing the envelope in terms of what’s expected. He’s done this for decades, whether with Talking Heads or his irreverent solo career, blending concerts with truly unique live performances that set him apart from his peers. He’s even launched his own online magazine hoping to solve the world’s most pressing problems, called Reasons to Be Cheerful.

Needless to say, you should make every effort to make it to a Broadway show of David Byrne and his American Utopia show while it’s in town. Visit its official site for full details.

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