There’s a New “Life on Mars?”- Inspired David Bowie Barbie Doll from Mattel (Available Now)

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David Bowie had a unique skill of donning outfits nobody else would — and became known for that impeccable sense of style over the course of his legendary life and career.

One of his most striking looks was in the “Life on Mars?” video, a clip paired with the standout song from his 1971 record Hunky Dory.

That look — a powder blue suit, necktie and his blazing red/orange hair with makeup to match, is the inspiration behind a new addition to Mattel’s Barbie as Bowie line of dolls:

Here’s the original “Life on Mars?” video, directed by Mick Rock:

The special new Barbie doll has a retail price of $50 and is available at this link, which also explains a bit about the design:

Three years ago, Barbie Signature released its first tribute to the pioneer of sound and vision, David Bowie, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Space Oddity. That Barbie doll recreated his Ziggy Stardust alter ego, complete with space suit and makeup effects.

Now, in honor of the 50th anniversary of Bowie’s album Hunky Dory, we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of our second David Bowie doll. This time, Barbie is dressed in an authentic replica of the bespoke powder-blue suit Bowie wore in the “Life on Mars?” music video.

Designer Manager Linda Kyaw-Merschon led the team that created the first Bowie doll and returned for the glam-rock sequel. “I discovered Bowie in my late teenage years,” Linda says. “He was like nothing I had experienced before. To me, he’s the ultimate artistic icon for the music industry. He was so ahead of his time, and defied so many barriers.” 

Re-creating a real-world fashion at Barbie scale can be challenging – and perhaps even more so when the outfit is so well known. “Luckily enough, I have a superb team that knows all the tricks to get it right!” Linda says. “The secret is to capture the essence of it, since doing an exact 1:1 scale version is almost impossible. Definitely lots of trial and error involved, but being tenacious is a trait that has served us well.” 

In addition to the powder-blue suit, Barbie-as-Bowie models a foil-printed pin-stripe shirt, statement tie, and platform shoes. The look is complete with bold blue eyeshadow and a hairstyle inspired by Bowie’s ‘70s glam era. ” We also wanted to make sure it looked like Barbie, but as Bowie. Not Bowie exactly as himself,” Linda explains, referring to the choices of the Neysa facial sculpt and Gigi doll body. “We tried to emulate his essence as much as we can. He was quite slender and pale, so we made sure to capture that as best could. Balance is key. Tricky, but I think you’ll see what I mean when you see the doll in real life.” 

Here’s the 2019 Barbie as Bowie doll, which was themed in tribute to the “Space Oddity” era:

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