From the Maker of ‘Prince as Birds,’ Here’s ‘David Bowie as Spiders,’ the Latest and Greatest Twitter Photo Series

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Last week, the Twitter profile belonging to a U.K.-based comedy writer sprang forth with an idea: What if Prince, but birds? It was precisely the sort of social media irreverence suited for everybody — and it was great. She’s since followed it up with another toast to a flamboyantly-styled music icon, this time David Bowie (as spiders!).

But first, a quick recap of the Prince-as-birds series.

It looked like this:

Online buzz began swirling around this Prince series, building enough to inspire Prince-as-caterpillars:

And also butterflies!

But anyway, back to the David Bowie series. @Pandamoanimum gets extra credit for the relevance of “spider” to the Bowie universe, of course, since the late singer/cultural icon utilized a backing band called the Spiders from Mars for a while.

And, as you can see in the photos below, the man also dressed in outfits that pair up quite nicely with photos of real-life spiders.

It’s synergy!

Once again, thank you, @pandamoanimum. The scope of variety and depth of colors on display from both Bowie and the spiders makes for entertaining comparisons, for sure.

A note from the creator, by the way:

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