Dave Grohl and the Tale of Following Pantera at Ozzfest, a Road Trip for the Ages and Losing His Wallet in Barstow

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A new installment of the DavesTrueStories Instagram account, set up by Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl recently as a means of entertaining the masses (useful now during the coronavirus pandemic) with unbelievable-but-true stories from his rock and roll past, showed up Sunday evening.

It’s the second such story uploaded to the platform, Grohl’s introduction to a personal Instagram account (at least a public-facing one). The first story concerned fireworks, nearly blowing up a neighborhood with said fireworks and more — and it was a delight.

The sequel is another highly entertaining piece of storytelling from Grohl, starting with the rather unexpected billing of the Foo Fighters playing Ozzfest in the UK in 1998 — taking the stage *after* Pantera, Grohl’s heavy metal heroes — due to a cancellation by Korn.

A segment (as written up helpfully via FooFightersLive.com, a fan site dedicated to all things Foo):

Pulling into the backstage area, I peered out of the tour bus window to see if I could catch a glimpse of some of my heroes. Tom Araya! Scott Ian! Tony lommi! Max Cavalera! There they were, all wandering about like us mere mortals. And in the light of day, no less! I had always imagined (hoped) that these dark figures only came out at night after hanging upside down like rabid bats in their mausoleums. Nocturnal creatures refusing the sun, just waiting to terrorize us all with their evil anthems beneath a full moon.

I think I saw a few of them in shorts holding soda pops, but whatever.

The rest of the story from Dave Grohl concerns a road trip with drummer/pal Taylor Hawkins, losing his wallet in Barstow and other anecdotes — as well as a reminder of just how small the world really is.

Read the whole thing below, via the Insagram page (or the handy write-up mentioned above, via this link).

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