Dave Grohl Wrote a Superhero Theme Song for 10-Year-Old Drummer Nandi Bushell, His ‘Drum Battle’ Opponent

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The ongoing ‘drum battle’ challenge between Dave Grohl and 10-year-old musical prodigy Nandi Bushell has hit a new level, as on Monday the Foo Fighters band leader shared a brand new musical entry to their spirited back-and-forth: A superhero theme song Grohl wrote specifically for Bushell.

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Before we get there, let’s retrace how we landed at this epic development in their drumming saga. After feverish online demand for a “drum challenge” made it to Grohl a few weeks ago, he accepted the invitation and sent his challenge to Bushell — a run-through of “Dead-End Friends,” a song from Grohl’s Them Crooked Vultures supergroup with John Paul Jones and Queens of the Stone Age‘s Josh Homme:

At home in the U.K., Nandi Bushell was pretty excited to get such a great message back from Grohl, and she returned the favor with a video of her own:

She’d won the battle, Dave Grohl conceding defeat but promising something special …

Which leads us to Monday, and this video from Dave and “The Grohlettes,” his family:

How do you even react to such a wonderful musical treat from a living legend? Well, here’s Nandi watching her special video treat from Grohl:

There’s more fun coming in this drum battle, we can sense it …

At this point, it seems obvious that whenever live concerts are allowed to resume and the COVID-19 pandemic is (finally) in our collective rear-view mirror, Bushell will make some kind of guest appearance at a Foo Fighters gig, maybe smashing a drum kit alongside Grohl and Taylor Hawkins. That’d be quite a sight!

She’s a bona fide star now, having defeated Grohl in an entertaining social media back-and-forth and boasts a resume that includes drum-offs with the likes of Travis Barker:

And a great exchange with Tom Morello:

Not bad for a 10-year-old!

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