Dave Grohl & Greg Kurstin Debut #HanukkahSessions 2021 Night Two: Ramones “Blitzkrieg Bop” (Watch)

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After launching the 2021 installment of their #HanukkahSessions late Sunday evening to coincide with the first night of the holiday, Dave Grohl & Greg Kurstin shared their second spirited cover of a Jewish artist — this time Ramones — for a little “Blitzkrieg Bop.”

Once upon a time, two nice Jewish boys from Queens named Jeffery Hyman and Thomas Erdelyi changed the world forever with their music….. as Joey and Tommy Ramone! GABBAI GABBAI HEY! Ladies and gentlemen….It’s the Ramones!

Note how, in the video below, the iconic “hey! ho! let’s go!” has been slightly altered to “hey! Oy! Let’s goy!” to match the occasion:

The first chapter of the 2021 #HanukkahSessions project was quite an unexpected treat.

Tackling Lisa Loeb’s 1990s hit “Stay (I Missed You),” Grohl & Kurstin turned the song into a death metal romp — after Grohl shows up mimicking Loeb’s original video, even wearing a Betsey Johnson dress:

The Foo Fighters front man and his acclaimed and award-winning producer/musician pal first started this #HanukkahSessions series in 2020, at the height of the pandemic, as a means of celebrating classic musical contributions from Jewish artists.

We’re two days into Hanukkah, and we have two new songs from this engaging Dave Grohl & Greg Kurstin collaboration. Stay tuned for (at least) six more, up until Dec. 6!

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