Dave Grohl and the Story of Anxiously Waiting for Prince to Call About a Jam Session

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This is a story about Dave Grohl and Prince, told as only Grohl could — via his new storytelling Instagram page, @DavesTrueStories, with a tale about the Purple One himself, Prince.

Anybody who knows Dave Grohl knows the man is an unabashed fan of the late Prince Rogers Nelson — the Foo Fighters covered “Darling Nikki” in the early 2000s, a recording that still gets airplay on Los Angeles rock radio station KROQ 106.7 despite not being an “official” single.

For Grohl’s latest short story, he zeroes in on his adventures with Prince — but in a manner that only adds to the late funk/pop wizard’s mythical stature in music history. Admittedly, there’s something amusing in the fact that not even Dave Grohl, front man of one of the most popular rock bands of the past 25 years and former drummer of one of the most important bands in rock history, still found himself waiting anxiously for some attention from Prince — in this case, a phone call about a “jam session” the two had briefly spoken about but failed to plan out concretely.

Grohl’s story touches on Prince’s 21-show run at the Forum in Los Angeles and how that jam session DID end up happening … just in an empty venue hours before the show, with no witnesses outside Prince’s band and entourage.

There’s also a great tidbit about the time Prince covered the Foo Fighters’ hit “Best of You” at the Super Bowl Halftime Show … and Grohl not actually witnessing it live.

Read the whole story below:


In the build-up to the Let’s Go Crazy: The GRAMMY Salute to Prince broadcast on 4/21, Dave Grohl told this story once again:

The whole jam session story was something Grohl touched on in a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2018 — as it’s apparent he’s quite proud of this moment (and rightly so!)

Dave Grohl and Prince makes for a pretty entertaining story, doesn’t it?

This story on Grohl’s new Instagram page continues a trend of delightful little anecdotes that are a great way to kill some time while stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic. The man is a natural storyteller, and thus far has weaved tales of following Pantera at Ozzfest in 1998 and being denied entry to the band’s strip club and nearly blowing up suburban Virginia with fireworks.

He’s started this Instagram account with a bang with these initial three stories, so get on board if you haven’t yet … as there’s little doubt Grohl has more fun up his sleeve.

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