Dauzat St. Marie Asks ‘Where Were You?’ Throughout Various Shared Experiences in Earnest New Music Video

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Dauzat St. Marie, a powerhouse duo featuring Heather St. Marie and guitarist/vocalist Mat Dauzat, both of the Los Angeles band Hydrovibe, recently premiered a new song called “Where Were You?”

The soaring, earnest song is all about shared experiences, the headlines and events we’ve all experienced that bond each of us to each other — no matter your personal background, perspective or opinion.

The song’s self-directed music video paints the picture vividly, Dauzat St. Marie leading the way with a passionate dual-vocal approach:

Explained the duo in a statement about the song:

“Our lives can be chronicled through a connecting of the dots between pillar events in time,” explains the duo. “From the first time we got caught sneaking out of the house or other youthful testings of the limitations in adult patience, to the time we experienced tragedy that rocked us to our very core. You may remember exactly where you were the day an excited nation turned a bright eye to the sky as teacher Christa McAuliffe and her fellow crew of six brave astronauts set course for new horizons in space, just to have all hopes disintegrate into thin air right before our eyes. You may remember exactly where you were when the earth shook so violently that buildings collapsed, and you might have witnessed shaken neighbors selflessly assisting others in the aftermath. You probably remember watching in horror as the second plane disappeared into tower number two, and may remember quite well the silent solidarity of a nation picking itself up from the ashes to rise back up in glorious fashion. You may recall a dark day as Hurricane Katrina’s wrath exceeded the limitations of the very levees protecting the Crescent City, and you might remember a subsequent rejoiceful homecoming of their beloved Saints fresh from an emotional inaugural Super Bowl win. 

“This is our history. These are extraordinary moments that make up the fabric of our collective being. These are the moments that define who we are. We are currently living in one of those extraordinary moments, and the power to pen the next chapter in history is completely in our capable hands.”

The story of Dauzat St. Marie is one filled with obstacles. The pair released its debut album in 2014, went out on big tours supporting acts like Rick Springfield and Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo, only to see those plans derailed when St. Marie underwent treatment for breast cancer.

She has since been cancer-free since 2019.

The pair participated in “The Wall Will Fall,” a recent fundraising song from Springfield and pal/musician Vance DeGeneres, which was premiered in early May and benefited Feeding America:



Dauzat St. Marie was gearing up for another huge tour this summer, supporting Springfield and Chicago on a co-headlining tour … until that tour was scrapped due to the COVID-19 pandemic, throwing another wrench in their plans for the time being.

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We won’t candy coat this. This feels like a wrecking ball to our very souls to report. Our Summer arena tour with Chicago and Rick Springfield has now officially been filed amongst the multitude of collateral tour losses due to this wretched pandemic. We all had high hopes that the silver lining from the last disappointing tour rescheduling announcement was that the tour was still happening in 2021, but that silver lining was merely a mirage. If you know us, you know we are the reigning champs at finding silver linings, but we are coming up short today. It’s very difficult to put into words the loss that we are feeling right now. This tour was not just the biggest and brightest opportunity of our careers, but it also represented what was set to be our grand triumphant return to the stage after a very long and exhausting breast cancer battle. We wanted this so badly we could taste it, but it truly warms our hearts that you all wanted this very badly for us as well. Thank you so much for the support and the virtual high fives along the way. This is definitely a setback…. but we are no stranger to setback. This is us… defeated, deflated, but DETERMINED. If you had tickets to any of the shows, LiveNation will send you an email with details to get your refund. You can also visit LiveNation.com/refund for more information.

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These setbacks are merely road blocks for Dauzat St. Marie, an accomplished pair sure to make waves sooner rather than later.

For more on Dauzat St. Marie, visit their official site.

(Dauzat St. Marie stopped by the RockCellarMagazine.com booth at the NAMM Show in January 2020 for a quick demo/performance, and we thank them for that, as well as Ann Rinaldi for originally introducing Rock Cellar to them).

Dauzat St. Marie at NAMM 2020 (Photo: Lauri Reimer)

Dauzat St. Marie at NAMM 2020 (Photo: Lauri Reimer)

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