Take a Break and Enjoy These Delightful Videos of Cows Being Thoroughly Entertained by Accordion Music

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The constant scroll of social media can be overwhelming — and is, more often than not, an unending onslaught of bad news and things that definitely don’t lift our collective spirit. This video, of a cow being entertained by a man playing an accordion in a field, will lift yours:

Just two minutes of innocent bliss in a gorgeous field, uploaded to YouTube in 2019 with a simple caption:

The power of love. Cow, forest and accordion.

It’s amassed nearly nine million views as of this article’s writing, and probably deserves more. It’s therapeutic in a simple way, reminding us of the joys the internet used to provide, and thanks to the YouTube algorithm, there are more of these types of videos available.

Like this one:

Here’s another, uploaded in 2016 and finding a group of cows entertained by a woman playing accordion in Garmisch, Germany:

Uploaded in 2018, here’s a video of a young girl playing an accordion and inspiring an entire herd of cows to come RUNNING over to the other side of their field to get a good listen:

Lest you think cows are the only farm animals interested in humans playing music, here’s a horse digging an acoustic guitar player’s rhythm:

Hope these charming videos brought a smile to your face for a few minutes! Feel free to go back to these videos when you need a break from the incessant news cycles and social media scrolling.

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