Coming in 2022: “Beyond The Days of The Dream Syndicate” Documentary Film — Watch a Trailer

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Filmmaker Emiel Spoelder has announced that he’s finishing up a documentary about The Dream Syndicate – one of the central bands in the “Paisley Underground” musical scene of the 1980s, and a band that has continued a successful career since then.

The film, Beyond The Days of The Dream Syndicate, will document the band’s rise to prominence, the various personnel changes, and the impact they’ve had on the jangle-rock and college-rock alternative music movements. The planned release date is sometime in 2022.

Dream Syndicate late 1980s: Paul B Cutler, Dennis Duck, Steve Wynn, Mark Walton

Spoelder is based in the Netherlands where the Dream Syndicate has always had a strong fan base. Although the band originated in Los Angeles, it has toured Europe extensively over the decades and retains a popularity there that may even exceed the cult status that they have attained in the U.S.

In addition to rare footage of the band (including Kendra Smith), Spoelder conducted interviews with the band’s various members: Dennis Duck, Mark Walton, Karl Precoda, David Provost, Paul B. Cutler, Jason Victor, and the band’s leader Steve Wynn.  Other notable musicians who discuss the band’s impact are Chris Robinson (The Black Crowes), Ryan Adams Howe Gelb (Giant Sand), Russ Tolman, Steven McCarthy (Long Ryders) as well as music insiders and journalists in the center of the scene and the band’s trajectory.

As the editing wraps up, Spoelder is currently reaching out to the band’s worldwide fan base to collect additional photos, video clips and artifacts to help visually tell the story. If you think you might have something of interest, contact Emiel Spoelder via his Facebook page.

Meantime, enjoy the trailer for “Beyond The Days of The Dream Syndicate

The band is currently on a U.S. and European Tour circuit celebrating the 40th anniversary of the band’s groundbreaking “Days of Wine and Roses” and to support their latest album ‘Ultraviolet Battle Hymns and True Confessions‘ – released last month.

The Dream Syndicate 2022 Tour Dates:

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