Go Back to School with Chris Martin in Coldplay’s Dreamy New Video for ‘Champion of the World’

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There’s always a dreamlike quality to the best music from Coldplay — the English pop/rock band has frequently found a way to elevate its music to the realm of the ethereal, compositions bursting with emotion and comfort.

That’s very much the case with “Champion of the World,” a song from the band’s 2019 album Everyday Life, which was released in November as the band’s first double-album (broken into two thematic halves).

Coldplay’s new video for the song depicts front man Chris Martin as a child stricken with bullying — both from his mates at school and his parents at home, allowing him to escape into his mind where he’s the titular Champion of the World, as it were.

Very stylish and immersive, the video’s a delight:

Also tugging at the heartstrings was the band’s video for “Daddy,” a touching little animated video that will elicit emotions from many who watch it:

Everyday Life is a concept album from Coldplay broken into two parts. The first segment, Sunrise, starts things with fancy instrumental flourishes and mostly uplifting arrangements. It’s on this half where pre-release songs “Daddy” and “Arabesque” show up, and one (as the Apple Music album biography cites) Martin explains as follows:

“It’s the challenges we see happening in our lives and lots of other people’s lives.”

Dynamic vocalist/pianist/focal point Chris Martin is the star of the show, of course, flanked by Will Champion, Jonny Buckland and Guy Berryman, and together the quartet has built a massive career on emotional music that usually lands somewhere between “pop” and “indie pop,” swelling and churning and bursting with the melancholy of everyday life.

Stream the record below, via Spotify.

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