“Jessie’s Girl 2” from Coheed & Cambria + Rick Springfield is the Unexpected Team-Up We Needed in 2020 (Watch)

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A song and music video premiered on Friday — that’s not unusual, as new music premieres every day — but this one is definitely unusual. There’s no way you were expecting prog/metal masters Coheed and Cambria and pop/rock legend Rick Springfield to team up on a sequel to Springfield’s 1980s classic “Jessie’s Girl,” but that’s exactly what Coheed & Cambria and Rick Springfield did.

It’s musical sequel to the original song, and its video features Springfield as a bartender in a grimy bar. He also sings the bridge, winking to the camera in a delightfully meta moment. It’s bewildering, high-energy, catchy and precisely the sort of musical weirdness we need in 2020, one of the most trying years any of us have ever seen.

Music has the power to bring us all together, and bridging generations and genres like this is exactly the way to go about it. Kudos to both acts for having the creativity to do this, and sharing the inspiration on Instagram:

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Jessie’s Girl 2 Pitch

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