Christopher Cross Experiencing Temporary Paralysis, ‘Intense’ Muscle Weakness After Battle with COVID-19

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In an update to fans posted on his social media pages on Friday, singer/songwriter Christopher Cross revealed that while he has recovered mostly from his recent battle with the coronavirus, he is currently experiencing temporary paralysis that has rendered him unable to walk.

Despite all this, Cross remains in good spirits — his doctors have advised him that he will recover, and in fact he’s already started physical therapy:

“After being sick for weeks I slowly started to recover; unfortunately as a consequence of COVID-19 other problems were caused. At present I am suffering from intense muscle weakness and a temporary paralysis of my legs — I am unable to walk. However, physicians have assured me that I will recover,” he states in his message to fans. “I have already begun physical therapy and am optimistic about improving. My girlfriend has been my angel throughout all of this. My management team, good friends and family have all been amazing. In addition, I have a wonderful medical team. I wanted to let you know my situation, and that I will get past this. I look forward to beginning my 40th Anniversary Tour soon and when I do, I hope to see you all.”

Cross had previously referred to COVID-19 as “possibly the worst illness I’ve ever had,” though it’s obviously fortunate that he did not develop respiratory complications during his fight.

Our continued best wishes go out to Christopher Cross in this fight against the coronavirus and its side effects.

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