Groove with Chicano Batman’s Laid-Back New Video for ‘Color My Life,’ — New LP Out 5/1

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Los Angeles-based band Chicano Batman will release a new album, Invisible People, the follow-up to 2017’s Freedom is Free and the group’s fourth full-length to date, on May 1 — a few weeks after the band pays a visit to the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival.

The band, formed in 2008, is pretty difficult to describe in terms of “genre.” Soul, psychedelia, tropicalia, indie/rock … all of these sounds pop up in the band’s music, making them a consistently intriguing musical act.

That’s very much the case with “Color My Life,” the lead single from the new record that Chicano Batman released with the news. Its music video, a laid-back and low-key affair depicting the band members dancing, riding bicycles, grooving and generally having a fun time, can be seen below:

For this album, Chicano Batman worked with GRAMMY-winning mixing engineer Shawn Everett, known for his contributions to past releases from Alabama Shakes, Julian Casablancas of the Strokes and the War on Drugs. More, from the band’s pre-order page:

With Leon Michels’ producing and Everett’s mixing steering the record’s direction, the band’s lush Tropicalia-tinged sound has transformed into their most polished and densely layered. Invisible People is an illuminating and encapsulating sonic landscape, one that hasn’t lost the essence that put Chicano Batman on the map.

“Color My Life” serves as the album’s opening song. Here’s the rest of the track listing:

1. Color my life
2. Blank Slate
3. I Know It
4. Invisible People
5. Manuel’s Story
6. Moment of Joy
7. Pink Elephant
8. Polymetronomic Harmony
9. The Way
10. The Prophet
11. Bella
12. Wounds

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