Cher Wants to Help Save the Post Office by Volunteering — but Apparently, She Can’t Do That

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Cher wants to save the United States Post Office.

The USPS has been the subject of significant news attention lately, the combination of COVID-19 pandemic-caused delivery slowdowns and politicization regarding mail-in ballots ahead of the No. 3 general election. The future of the USPS seems as murky as it’s been in ages, if not forever, and the legendary entertainer has dedicated a big part of her week to trying to do what she can.

Specifically, she wants to volunteer:

After asking that to her 3.8 million Twitter followers, she reiterated: She’s serious.


Fed up with (a presumed) lack of answers to her social media query, she took matters into her own hands and called two separate USPS offices in Malibu, where her stated desire to volunteer was rebuffed:

First off, imagine answering the phone and hearing “Hi this is Cher,” and THEN proceeding to hear her ask about volunteering. That’s a bit surreal, sure, and these ARE surreal times … but still, that’d be a wild experience.

It’s a shame you can’t actually volunteer at the USPS due to logistical issues like background checks and fingerprints — because the concept of one of the world’s most beloved entertainment legends saving the USPS is a great one on its own.

You have to appreciate the commitment and effort, though.

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