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RockCellar Magazine
November 2, 2016
Turn Me On: Dawes

For his latest Turn Me On entry, 88.5 FM KCSN midday host Jim Nelson shines a light on Los Angeles’ own Dawes… We’re all gonna die. Deal with it. It’s easy enough to...

RockCellar Magazine
October 7, 2016
Turn Me On: Hamish Anderson

The next time you’re at one of those parties where a trivia game breaks out and the question gets asked, “Who was the last person to open a show for...

RockCellar Magazine
October 4, 2016
Turn Me On: The Lemon Twigs

  As I sit here listening to and writing about this intriguing new band from Long Island, New York, The Lemon Twigs, I’m not really sure how to describe what...

RockCellar Magazine
September 7, 2016
Turn Me On: Blind Pilot

KCSN 88.5 FM’s Jim Nelson returns with another Turn Me On profile, this time highlighting Blind Pilot… ______________________________ What’s that old Yiddish proverb? Man plans, God laughs? Or as Woody...

RockCellar Magazine
August 29, 2016
Turn Me On: Shane Alexander

88.5 KCSN-FM’s Jim Nelson is back with another entry in our Turn Me On category, this time shining his light on Shane Alexander… “Do you think of me once in...

RockCellar Magazine
August 2, 2016
Turn Me On: The Shelters

Jim Nelson, KCSN 88.5 FM DJ and Rock Cellar Magazine scribe, is back with another band profile for Turn Me On…this time focusing on the Shelters!    Can you imagine?...

RockCellar Magazine
July 27, 2016
Turn Me On: Catfish and the Bottlemen

This month, KCSN 88.5’s Jim Nelson spotlights Catfish and the Bottlemen for our Turn Me On category… Somewhere in Sydney, Australia, there’s a busker who directly impacted the name of...

RockCellar Magazine
July 8, 2016
Turn Me On: Rachael Sage

  In 1996, Rachael Sage did something totally wacky. Things were beginning to change in the music industry, but no one knew yet just how much of a systemic seismic...

RockCellar Magazine
June 30, 2016
Turn Me On: Cory Sipper

KCSN 88.5 FM’s Jim Nelson is back, with another installment of his Turn Me On column … showcasing singer/songwriter Cory Sipper. ——————————— If the only requisite for scoring hit after...

RockCellar Magazine
June 27, 2016
RCM Author Ken Sharp’s New Album ‘New Mourning’ is a Power-Pop Party

  Ken Sharp is more than just Rock Cellar Magazine’s preeminent writer, responsible for many of this website’s marquee interviews over the years. He conducted this month’s Peter Tork feature, as...