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RockCellar Magazine
December 13, 2019
Turn Me On: Keyboardist Marco Benevento and His ‘Hot Dance Piano Rock’

Keyboardist Marco Benevento is best known for having spent over twenty years playing music with his seventh grade buddy, drummer Joe Russo. In addition to their extensive history of playing...

RockCellar Magazine
November 14, 2019
Turn Me On: Garrison Starr

Since recording her first album in 1993, Garrison Starr has continued to blend folk-rock, Americana and singer-songwriter influences with incredible deftness and to compelling effect. On Garrison Starr’s forthcoming album,...

RockCellar Magazine
October 10, 2019
Turn Me On: Howlin Rain and Band Leader, Ethan Miller

Over the course of thirteen years and five studio albums, the kaleidoscopic jam band Howlin Rain has ingeniously explored the ever-evolving relationship between avant-garde psychedelia and blues-based southern rock. Their...

RockCellar Magazine
September 13, 2019
Turn Me On: Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe

Saxophonist, singer, songwriter, flutist and bandleader Karl Denson has just completed his third tour with The Rolling Stones, whose touring lineup he joined in 2015, filling the shoes left by...

RockCellar Magazine
August 13, 2019
Turn Me On: Alice Howe

For his latest Turn Me On column entry, Jackson Truax shines a light on singer/songwriter Alice Howe … Alice Howe’s debut album, Visions, is at once a finely-crafted opening statement...

RockCellar Magazine
July 11, 2019
Turn Me On: Koi Anunta and In Love & WAR

Singer, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Koi Anunta has recently released Tessitura, her latest project under the name In Love & War. The six-song EP beautifully weaves Anunta’s tapestry of trip-hop,...

RockCellar Magazine
June 13, 2019
Turn Me On: Merry Ellen Kirk

Merry Ellen Kirk’s last two releases, 2015’s We Are the Dreamers and the newly-released We Are the Dreamers (Reprise), are the remarkable bounty of the decade Kirk has spent pursuing...

RockCellar Magazine
May 9, 2019
Turn Me On: Carsie Blanton and Her Culturally Subversive and Captivating Musical Presence

Buck Up, the new album from Carsie Blanton, serves as a Trojan horse for her endlessly fun and captivating brand of cultural subversion. Through blending her two main influences of...

RockCellar Magazine
March 13, 2019
Turn Me On: The Wood Brothers

On The Wood Brothers’ latest album, One Drop of Truth, the Nashville-based trio brilliantly utilizes a compelling variety of Americana influences to craft a song cycle that’s equally captivating, joyous...

RockCellar Magazine
February 13, 2019
Turn Me On: Shannon Rae and 100 Proof

With the 2018 release of their second album, Lucky 13, and an increasingly prolific 2019 touring schedule, Shannon Rae and 100 Proof are reaching an ever-growing audience with their unique...