Carole King’s Message of Encouragement Amid the Chaos of 2020: ‘Please Don’t Give Up. It Will Get Better.”

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No matter which news services you follow or personal opinions you may have, 2020 has been an incredible strain on everything. From the COVID-19 pandemic and significant hardships it placed on our “normal” way of life to the political turmoil in the United States and elsewhere, it’s been a grind, to put it mildly. It can be hard to succumb to negative thoughts — but legendary singer/songwriter Carole King shared a message of hope on Monday, and it’s one we should all hear.

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Said King in a video message shared to her social media channels:

“We’re living in a desperately difficult time. In addition to all of us being vulnerable to a little tiny virus, we’re suffering from fear, hateful rhetoric, chaos and uncertainty about food, school, where we’re gonna live — and how we’re gonna live. What keeps me from falling into depression is comparing this time in history to a fire or a hurricane — something big that we can’t control. 

We know what people do after a tornado. Survivors crawl out of the wreckage, look around, pick up the equivalent of a shovel and work together to clear away the debris. After all this, we’re not just going to build back — we are going to get through this time of crisis together, and be motivated to build a new physical societal infrastructure together. 

We’re not going to ask who’s like-minded, who’s white-collar or where they came from, or where they identify on the gender spectrum. We’re going to see the heart and the humanity of the person carrying the other end of something too heavy for us to lift alone. And we’re going to be that person for others.

Now, I’m an elder, so I’m not going to be doing a lot of physical lifting, but I’m trying to do some lifting today. Please don’t give up. It will get better. It will get better.”

Thank you, Carole King. (Also, give her a follow on Instagram and Twitter if you weren’t already, as her social media pages have been a wealth of warmth and positivity these past few confusing months).

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