Cage the Elephant Return with ‘Ready to Let Go,’ from Upcoming LP ‘Social Cues’ Due Out 4/19

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The guys in Cage the Elephant are ready to make some noise again, and that’s exactly what the indie/rock band did on Thursday with the premiere of a new song called “Ready to Let Go,” which was premiered in the form of a music video directed by front man Matt Shultz:

The song is the first preview of the band’s upcoming fifth full-length album, Social Cues, which will be out on April 19 and is the follow-up to 2015’s Tell Me I’m Pretty, which earned the band a Grammy Award for Best Rock Album.

Much of the new album’s material was inspired by some personal issues faced by Shultz:

The majority of the material on Social Cues was written during the unravelling of Shultz’s relationship. In order make sense of such a difficult experience, he explored the hidden recesses of his psyche, creating characters to tell different parts of his personal story. He explains, “it can be a vehicle to act out things that are hard to confront.” He went on to say, “when I’m creating, I try to put myself in a reactive state of improvisational thought. I let images just arise in my mind and wait for it to evoke an emotional response and then when it does, I know I’m on to something. I was watching a lot of Fassbinder films, like World on a Wire and The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant. I was thinking about their beauty coupled with the graphic surrealism of Aronofsky.”

Here’s the album’s track listing:

  1. “Broken Boy”
  2. “Social Cues”
  3. “Black Madonna”
  4. “Night Running” (Cage The Elephant, Beck)
  5. “Skin and Bones”
  6. “Ready To Let Go”
  7. “House of Glass”
  8. “Love’s the Only Way”
  9. “The War is Over”
  10. “Dance Dance”
  11. “What I’m Becoming”
  12. “Tokyo Smoke”
  13. “Goodbye”

Cage the Elephant is expected to announce full tour plans relatively soon — so stay tuned for more information about that.

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