New from Alicia Bognanno and Bully: ‘Where to Start,’ A Grunge-y, Punky Bathroom Freak-Out of Cathartic Frustration

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There’s a lot of angst behind “Where to Start,” the new song from Bully premiered on Thursday.

Jarring, jangly guitars and the pained shouts of vocalist/guitarist Alicia Bognanno are the centerpiece of the song, which comes with a music video that fully captures the frantic, emotional overload of the song’s lyrics:

I live for you to tear me apart
Relics of a dream survived by you
I was mad for it right from the start
Suffer in desire when I see you
Turn me back into a child

Everything about the song screams early ’90s, doesn’t it? It’s no surprise that Bully calls Sub Pop its label home, and will release a new album, Superegg, on the label on August 21.

Bognanno told Rolling Stone the song was — believe it or not — inspired by Chumbawamba’s “Tubthumping,” and that 1997 classic helped her shape the thoughts and themes of “Where to Start” into its final form:

“I was listening to ‘Tubthumping’ by Chumbawamba and picking apart the melodic structure and sort of trying to mimic that,” Bognanno tells Rolling Stone. “I’m not even joking; it still makes me laugh to think about. But let’s be real, that is undeniably a solid song. ‘Where to Start’ addresses the frustration that comes along with love having the ability to fully control your mood and mental state for better or worse. It was therapeutic to funnel some lightheartedness into what can be an otherwise draining state of mind.”

Bully was formed in 2013 and to date has released two full-length albums, the most recent being 2017’s Losing.

The track listing for Superegg:

1. Add It On
2. Every Tradition
3. Where to Start
4. Prism
5. You
6. Let You
7. Like Fire
8. Stuck in Your Head
9. Come Down
10. Not Ashamed
11. Hours and Hours
12. What I Wanted

Over the past few weeks, Bully has remained active on social media, even premiering a solid cover of Nirvana‘s “About a Girl,” which was released on May 13 and amplifies the band’s most grunge-y qualities:

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