New from Alicia Bognanno and Bully: Watch a Colorful At-Home Music Video for ‘Every Tradition,’ from New Album ‘Sugaregg’

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Bully, the rock/indie band fronted by vocalist/guitarist Alicia Bognanno, will release a new record called Sugaregg on Aug. 21 via Sub Pop.

On Wednesday, Bognanno premiered a new music video for a track called “Every Tradition,” featuring a video filmed at home and utilizing some very effective color work. The grungy song is the second premiered thus far from the new album:

Said Bognanno of “Every Tradition” in a statement, noting what went into the vibrant music video:

“Every Tradition” is one of the most literal songs on the record, forcing myself throughout the writing process to cut out the bullshit and put down on paper exactly what was going through my mind, silencing the paranoia of the different ways it could be received. Some songs just call for that sort of process and “Every Tradition” was one of them.

After we tested out this method (me shooting alone at my house and sending the footage to Alan Ortiz to edit and put everything together) with Where to Start I liked it so much I wanted to do it again and trusted Alan to turn my mess into a well put together music video. Surprisingly I was a lot more comfortable on my own as opposed to having a crew of people there like there has been for past music videos. I also have a newfound appreciation for any cinematographer because god damn it’s a lot of work.

Lyrically, “Every Tradition” is quite on-point with its thematic approach:

If you’re gonna shame me
Turn around bite your tongue till it bleeds
Don’t need you to save me
Somethings off you’re wrong about the dream
And I’ve been fucking up
Wasting my time second guessing what I need
I dunno what you want
It’s evocative, you’ve so convincing
Yeah I hear you but
Nothings changed for me, nothings changed for me

“Every Tradition” follows “Where to Start,” which was the first song premiered from Sugaregg (and, according to Bognanno, was heavily inspired by … Chumbawamba):

Bully was formed in 2013 and to date has released two full-length albums, the most recent being 2017’s Losing.

The track listing for Superegg:

1. Add It On
2. Every Tradition
3. Where to Start
4. Prism
5. You
6. Let You
7. Like Fire
8. Stuck in Your Head
9. Come Down
10. Not Ashamed
11. Hours and Hours
12. What I Wanted

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