Premiere: Bruce Sudano Explores the Nuanced Complexity of Relationships with ‘The Promise’ Music Video

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Singer/songwriter Bruce Sudano released Spirals Vol. 2: Time and the Space In Between, a seven-song EP, in October. It’s the second of two EPs from the Los Angeles-based musician in 2020 — following April’s Spirals, Vol 1 – Not a Straight Line to be Found — and one of its most affecting songs is “The Promise.”

Like a few other songs on the EP, “The Promise” was inspired by Sudano’s life experiences. His experience included writing hit songs for the likes of Dolly Parton, Jermaine Jackson, and disco legend Donna Summer — to whom Sudano was married since 1982, prior to her passing from lung cancer in 2012.

Her passing presented unfamiliar new circumstances for Sudano, and this shift affected his music in a significant way … especially after he met someone new, a woman named Francesca, who became his wife in February 2020.

“I was a guy who had been married for over 30 years,” Sudano says, “and then I found myself solo. How do I adapt and how do I adjust? I’ve written about these things in the past. But I get to this point where I meet this woman, and in some ways it’s like a surprise to me — ‘Wow, I’m into something else, and this feels nice.” 

Here’s his new music video for “The Promise,” which Rock Cellar is premiering below:

“Every relationship comes with its own set of ongoing intricacies, complexities, obstacles to be overcome and worked through, for it to grow and last … Personalities need to be understood and adjusted, compromises must be made, forgiving is essential and love is the rule. The message here is, I commit to you to stay, stand and fight through whatever we may encounter.”

Listen to Spirals Vol. 2: Time and the Space In Between below, via Spotify.

Visit Sudano’s official site for more information about his new music and career.

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