Bruce Springsteen Sells Masters & Publishing Rights to Sony for $500M (Reports)

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In the latest music legend to ink a deal for publishing rights that will make your head spin, Billboard reports that Bruce Springsteen has agreed to a deal with Sony for his masters and his music publishing to Sony for an estimated $500 million.

Phrasing its report as, “what may be the biggest deal in music for an individual body of work,” this is a substantial agreement between “The Boss” and Sony, to say the least, and is indicative of the legacy he has built, as well as the timeless quality much of his music has retained over the years.

The BBC adds that Springsteen’s recordings generated roughly $15 million in revenue this past year, further confirming the continued relevance of his presence. Also, per the BBC, publishing and masters sales such as these provide immediate financial security to the artists and their estates, while the rights-holders hope to profit by building new revenue streams for the music via film and TV licensing, merchandise, cover versions and performance royalties.

In making this deal with Sony, Bruce Springsteen joins a lengthy list of fellow legends who have “cashed in,” so to speak, over the past year or so — a list including (click each for more details) the Prince estate, Linda Ronstadt, David Crosby, Mick Fleetwood, Neil Young, Lindsey Buckingham, Bob Dylan, and more.

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