Bruce Springsteen’s November DWI Came After a Single Shot of Tequila with Fans

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In November, Bruce Springsteen was arrested on DWI charges at New Jersey’s Gateway National Recreation Area, per a report from TMZ that went live early Wednesday.

While it’s a bit unclear how this news went unreported for as long as it did, the TMZ report has since been confirmed by Fox, which quotes a statement sent by a public affairs officer:

“On November 14, 2020, Bruce Springsteen was arrested in Gateway National Recreation Area and received three citations; DWI, reckless driving, and consuming alcohol in a closed area,” the statement reads.

The statement also noted that Springsteen, 71, was “cooperative” during the arrest. Springsteen is due back in court within the next few weeks, per TMZ. As of Wednesday afternoon, Springsteen’s representatives have not released a statement regarding the reports.

On Wednesday evening, the New York Post shared more details on the circumstances of the DWI. Citing a ‘music industry insider,’ Springsteen “pulled over to take pictures with fans — and then took a shot of tequila offered by one of them in full view of the cops.” 

More from the Post:

The “Born to Run” icon, 71, had been riding his motorcycle on the peninsula on Nov. 14 when he “was spotted by fans who asked him to pull over and take some pictures,” according to a source close to Springsteen.

“Bruce stopped, took the pictures, then a fan offered him a shot of liquor, which he took, while sitting on his bike, which was stationary,” the source said.

“Park Police saw what happened and they immediately pulled Springsteen over as he drove away.”

This news comes three days after Bruce Springsteen starred in a Super Bowl LV television ad for Jeep, delivering a monologue urging unity among all Americans:

The Jeep ad was also Springsteen’s first-ever corporate partnership.

This DWI news also comes after Springsteen’s performance from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial as part of Celebrating America, the Inauguration Day primetime special that aired on multiple networks and platforms Wednesday evening, hours after President Biden and Vice President Harris were sworn in. “The Boss” began the show with a rendition of his song “Land of Hope and Dreams”:



  • Bob Giarrusso says:

    One shot? Seriously?
    Sounds like some badge- heavy Jersey cops that didn’t like his politics set him up.
    He’ll be fine- Bruce can afford good attorneys. The cops will wish they’d never pulled him over…

  • Gerald J Arnone says:

    It sounds like total horseshit as he only took one shot in front of the Police. One shot does not get someone drunk. I hope Mr. Springsteen fights this.

  • James Smitherman says:

    poor lib

  • Anne says:

    Poor Bruce!!!!! Must’ve been a Trump lover that cited him!

  • Sally Reed Lamm says:

    Bruce, no surprise is only human.
    Really did the police think they had to make an example of him? They knew he was not a danger? Since they witnessed his kindness to everyday folks who need a hand up🙏✌️
    Thank you so much Bruce for being in our life time. ♥️

  • Debi Wheelan says:

    Nearly all cops are republicans.

  • Jeffry Heise says:

    NJ DWI standards at 0.08 and his registered at 0.02 so he should be able to beat that but the big problem is that he was in a Federal park so that might be a bigger problem. Sounds like the cops were keeping an eye on that group before he arrived and he just happened to be in the right place at the wrong time.

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