It’s Time to Listen to ‘Born to Run’ Again — Released 45 Years Ago Today by Bruce Springsteen

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Leading into the summer of 1975, Bruce Springsteen was a fledgling singer/songwriter from New Jersey still on the cusp of “breaking through” — and then he released Born to Run on Aug. 25. Recorded in parts from May 1974 to July 1975 in New York, Born to Run would become the launching point that set the course of Springsteen’s career for good.

“The Boss” had arrived.

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Both the title track and “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out” turned folks on to the record, and other tracks like “Thunder Road” and “Jungleland” would go a long way toward confirming the album as one of the most important ever recorded.

The album’s cover image is a classic bit of music history, an instantly recognizable image depicting Springsteen leaning on the shoulder of band mate Clarence Clemons. Explained photographer Eric Meola to Snap Galleries on how this session came about:

“After I shot a number of images in which they stood back to back, and a few in which Bruce leaned on Clarence’s shoulder while looking out at the camera, he turned to the side and looked beatifically straight at Clarence for three or four seconds as I shot two frames. Other than his standing on a box, there was no ‘setup’ for this, no premeditation – and, his guitar was not plugged in.

“We were shooting fast, and if Bruce was after a particular image, he placed a lot of faith in me that in those few brief seconds I had captured the one that became famous. It happened as much because of the moment, as whatever chord progression Clarence was playing that caught Bruce’s attention.”

In commemoration of its 45th anniversary, it’s time once again to bust out Born to Run however you prefer. If you have the record in vinyl, queue it up — or use your favorite digital streaming platform. Here’s a 1975 live performance of the timeless title track:

Stream it below, via Spotify:


  • Lee Jones says:

    Along with ‘Live From Ausbury Park,’ these two albums were transitional in my life.

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