Happy 71st Birthday to ‘The Boss’ Himself, Bruce Springsteen (Pre-Order His New Album ‘Letter To You’)

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There’s only one music legend known as ‘The Boss’ — and today, New Jersey’s own  Bruce Springsteen celebrates his 71st birthday.

It’s hard to amass the type of reputation he’s earned over the years. One of extreme success and reverence from across the musical spectrum. He and his E Street Band pals have played to crowds of hundreds of thousands, made hit records and maintained a type of mythical aura about him for one key reason: He’s stayed true to himself.

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Case in point: Here’s his new music video for “Letter To You,” the title track from his new album with the E Street Band that will be coming out on Oct. 23:

And just last summer, Bruce stepped out on his own, away from the E Street Band, releasing Western Stars, a versatile solo record that shows his creative spark remains undying, even decades after he started out on his music career.


Springsteen remains outspoken regarding social issues he deems important, frankly that takes courage — especially in today’s social media-driven climate of opinions, arguing and politically charged rhetoric from all sides.

Even now that he’s turned 71, Springsteen remains an active musician — and would be touring for this new record were it not for the COVID-19 pandemic, most likely — so yes, he’s very much still chasing the muse, so to speak.

Happy birthday, Bruce Springsteen!


  • HUNTER BRIWN says:

    Happy birthday Bruce!!!!! Love your radio show and all of your latest endeavors!!!!!!!!

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