New from Brooks Paschal and Surprises: ‘Tell the World,’ Inspired by Chris Cornell’s Passing

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Surprises, the new solo project from musician Brook Paschal, was started on the idea of being honest and incorporating his personal experiences. As the May 31 release date for Surprises’ debut LP, Natural Disaster, approaches, the project has released their newest single, “Tell the World” — a raw and emotional track inspired by the passing of Soundgarden and Audioslave vocalist Chris Cornell.

In a news release for the track, Paschal says, “I think the irony of ‘Tell The World’ was that it marked the beginning of making this record, but it was written as a suicide note. Chris Cornell had just killed himself and it was a really dark time for me. I didn’t know Chris personally, and I hadn’t achieved what he had, but I felt like I could empathize with why he did what he did. The amount of pressure we put on ourselves is often times untenable, especially in this business. The highs are beyond our wildest dreams and the lows leave a void that is literally irreplaceable. I have never been suicidal, but I have felt the weight of what it means to try your fucking hardest while the world expects more.”

“Tell the World” is the opening track to Surprises LP set for release May 31 via Spartan Records.

Paschal sites the title track for giving the album a sense of direction, revealing a vulnerable narrative for the forthcoming album. Pre-orders for Natural Disaster are available on the Spartan Records website.

Natural Disaster Track list:

  1. “Tell The World”
  2. “Natural Disaster”
  3. “El Salvador”
  4. “Overloaded”
  5. “The Mistress and Her Heart”
  6. “I Hate Myself”
  7. “I Can’t See You Em”
  8. “Dixie”
  9. “I’ll Drive”
  10. “What’s Wrong With This World”
  11. “A Peace Anthem”

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