Brian Wilson Urges Fans to Oppose Mike Love’s Beach Boys Gig at a Trophy Hunting Convention This Week

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The Beach Boys have a concert scheduled in Reno, Nevada this Wednesday, Feb. 5 at the Safari Club International Convention.  It’s Mike Love’s touring ensemble scheduled to perform, though, not an iteration of the group involving Brian Wilson or Al Jardine — and Wilson, very opposed to trophy hunting, was not pleased to find out about this concert.

Wilson posted the following on social media Monday afternoon:

Jardine shared it as well.

That second tweet from Wilson links to a petition addressed to the group’s manager, Elliott Lott, which reads as follows:

On Wednesday 5th February, the Beach Boys are headlining at the Safari Club International Convention in Reno, Nevada, at which Donald Trump Jr is the keynote speaker.

The Safari Club International convention is the world’s biggest wildlife killing market – a staggering 870 companies will be selling trophy hunting holidays and wildlife body parts including animal heads this year.
The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting predicts that US hunters will shoot an estimated 20,000 animals from protected species this year. Most trophy hunts are sold at these conventions.
Trophies traded by American hunters in the past decade include endangered right whales, Hawksbill turtles, Bald eagles, chimpanzees, sloth bears and grey parrots.
Previous SCI Conventions have seen companies selling ‘canned lion’ hunts – where tame lions are bred and shot in enclosures for low-cost trophies – as well as illegal wildlife body parts for trinkets and furniture, including benches made from elephant skin, paintings on elephant ears, a hippo skull table, and shark skin belts.
Safari Club International has spent an astonishing $140 million since 2000 lobbying against laws to stop trophy hunting – or what it calls “protecting the freedom to hunt”…

Dear Beach Boys Manager Elliott Lott,

We the undersigned pledge to stop buying or downloading all Beach Boys music, going to Beach Boys concerts, and purchasing any Beach Boys merchandise until the Beach Boys withdraw from the SCI Convention and publicly state their opposition to this sick ‘sport’ of killing animals for ‘fun’.

We will call on the Beach Boys’ record label, agent and publicists to disown the Beach Boys, and on members of the public to protest at forthcoming Beach Boys concerts, unless they do so.


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