Brian Wilson Checks In from Home with a Warm Update to Fans (‘Just Wanna Let You Know That I Feel Good’)

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These days, it’s increasingly important for artists to keep in touch with fans. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a dramatic life-changer for everybody the world over, even those that haven’t been personally affected by the virus itself. No live music for going on seven months now has taken a toll on the music world, artists and musicians using social media to stay connected with fans — and on Monday morning, Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson made sure to check in with his fans.

Posted on Wilson’s social media channels, his message is short and to the point, while also being warm and cheerful in tone:

Hi everybody,

Just wanna let you know that I feel good, I’ve been exercising and stuff like that. I do a lot of walking and I’m still at the piano. 

I love my fans and I’m lookin’ forward to seeing you again one of these days!

Right back at you, Brian — stay safe!

Here’s Wilson’s performance of “Love and Mercy” from home for Stephen Colbert back in June:

And “God Only Knows”:

For more on Brian Wilson and the relationship he’s built with his fans and admirers over the years as a result of his timeless music, click here to read Steve Rosen’s heartfelt Behind the Curtain story highlighting his encounters with Wilson in the 1990s. A preview:

As I was leaving, I turned around and caught his eye. Wordlessly he said, “They tell you things about me. From time to time I am afraid of the questions. I run from the reality of them. But I liked you and I think you liked me. Was I who you thought I would be?”

Oh, yes. You were everything. My mom, my dad, my dog, my first guitar. You were hope. You were magic.

You were Brian Wilson.

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