Bonnaroo 2016: Reflections

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A few weekends back, Rock Cellar Magazine had a correspondent in Tennessee at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival. Here are some of his reflections from a busy weekend, with more coming soon…
Brands are redefining the festival experience. 
Once upon a time, a person would go to a festival with the expectations of getting dirty and staying that way.  And good luck having service or charging your phone after Day One! 
In today’s festival atmosphere, those days are gone thanks to the growing involvement of big companies.  State Farm and GNC, for example, were omnipresent at Bonnaroo, trying to capitalize on the needs of festival-goers. They helped organizers offer a refuge from the heat while providing a chance to charge your electronic devices and/or just enjoy some wi-fi and air conditioning. 
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Even Kohler tried to make a positive impression with this audience by hosting shower dance parties.  While we have all come to expect to see brands like Red Bull and Bud Light join the party, don’t be surprised to find more and more brands with absolutely no correlation with music and the arts finding their place in the festival experience. There’s just too much of an opportunity to connect with attendees — many of them from out-of-town and eager to document their experience on social media — to not capitalize.
As for one of the most memorable acts he saw on the weekend…
The Claypool Lennon Delirium is a must-see show. Legendary experimental bassist, Les Claypool, has teamed up with Sean Lennon, son of Yoko and John, for a new musical project that’s anything but normal.
Claypool showcases his ability to fill the air with thick sounds while driving a rhythm that keep your toes tapping. The songs are both dense, with the use of abstract sounds you’d never think came from a guitar, and simple, with easy to follow melodies you find yourself singing along to.
If you didn’t know any better, you might mistake the voice of Sean Lennon as that of his legendary father, for their style of singing and harmonizing have striking similarities. With the lineup at Bonnaroo consisting of more and more EDM acts, The Claypool Lennon Delirium was a breath of fresh, psychedelic air for those searching for a locked-in drum and bass coupled with a singing guitar and spot on harmonies.

Stay tuned, we’ll update this ‘Roo recap with more…

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