Watch a Powerful New Music Video for ‘No Woman, No Cry’ in Memory of Bob Marley for His 75th Birthday

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Aug. 6 marks the 75th birthday of Bob Marley, and though the influential reggae singer/cultural icon passed away in 1981, his legend lives on today.

Today, July 1 happens to be International Reggae Day, and in full commemoration of that, as well as the upcoming anniversary of Marley’s birthday, the Bob Marley estate premiered a powerful and poignant new music video for “No Woman, No Cry.”

First recorded in 1974, “No Woman, No Cry” became one of Marley’s signature songs when a live version was released in 1975. That is the version featured in this new video, which a press release describes as follows:

Directed by Kristian Mercado Figueroa and shot in Jamaica and New York City, the powerful visual explores two tales of a family divided by country but connected by their love and want for a better life for their children. We see a strong and loving Mother strive to look after her children in their homeland. At the same time, the Father works tirelessly, isolated in New York City, working as a taxi driver to better provide for his family back home. The video shines a light on the importance of family and connection while confronting the genuine struggles many families face in the modern world, often forced apart due to poverty.

For more on Bob Marley, click here to revisit our 2016 feature with his friend, filmmaker Don Letts:

He was open-minded. Bob was an open-minded dude. He wasn’t trapped by some one-track minded idea of what he was supposed to do, he was open-minded, man. How else would he have written tunes that cost him his purist base, who said, “you can’t do this, you can’t do that”?

Bob wasn’t going to be what anyone else said he was. He wasn’t going to be kept by the laws of any man. And that’s why we’re still talking about him!

More activity on the Bob Marley YouTube channel are on the way soon, as well:

In addition to the new “No Woman, No Cry” music video being revealed for International Reggae Day, new music videos as well as all 4 Bob Marley: Legacy Episodes, including the latest installment, Rhythm of the Game, which explores Bob’s longstanding connection between Soccer and his music, will be streaming on Bob Marley’s official YouTube channel HERE. 

A brand new HD music video for “Lively Up Yourself” will also premiere on July 3, via Bob Marley’s official YouTube channel HERE.  Filmed in 4K, the video features Bob Marley at the top of his career.

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