Out Now: Bloc Party Re-Emerges with its Vibrant Sound Intact on New Album ‘Alpha Games’ (Listen)

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When English rock/indie/”post-punk revival” band Bloc Party first previewed its new album, Alpha Games, one thing was certain: the throwback vibes were strong, reminiscent of the group’s breakthrough 2005 debut, Silent Alarm.

Today, April 29, Alpha Party was released to the masses.

It’s the sixth Bloc Party album to date, and the first since 2016’s Hymns.

“Traps” was the signal to the group that its new era was going to be special.

“From the moment we wrote ‘Traps’, we knew it had to be the first thing people heard from this album; playing it in soundchecks on our last tour before it was finished and hearing how it sounded in those big rooms and outdoors,” said front man Kele Okereke.

Alpha Games is the first Bloc Party album from the band’s current lineup: Okereke, Justin Harris (bass) and Louise Bartle (drums).

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Bloc Party (Photo: Wunmi Onibudo)

Bloc Party (Photo: Wunmi Onibudo)

A news release promised that the new album would return Bloc Party to the “raucous, high-octane” sounds of its early material, and the new songs definitely made good on that suggestion.

“We wanted to can what was happening at those massive gigs in 2019, to showcase what Louise can do, what Russell is capable of and most importantly the electricity coming off the audience,” said Okereke. “We knew that Nick & Adam were the right choice of producers to do that and the result feels like fire in a bottle.”

The band’s anxious, simmering energy is on point from the very start, opening track “Day Drinker” demonstrating the band still has the same vibrant approach of its early days:

Another pre-release track shared ahead of the album was “If We Get Caught,” which blends a chorus of repeated vocal effects to the driving rhythm:

Give Alpha Games a listen if you’ve ever been struck by Bloc Party’s engaging approach to the post-punk/indie sound.

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