Bird (of Bird3) ft. Julie Mintz ‘AsOne’ — An Uplifting Song of Unity for These Tough Times

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Bird3 is a musical project out of Los Angeles fronted by a musician who goes by the nickname Bird — and recently, he shared a new song “AsOne,” very much the product of the tumult and chaos caused by the COVID-19 pandemic this year.

The song features guest vocals from actor/model Julie Mintz, who shares vocal duties with Bird on the song, a heartfelt anthem urging unity and togetherness.

The song comes with a full synopsis of its inspiration and just what led to its inception over the past few months:

“Julie is the kindest, most talented person. You don’t get better than Julie, inside and out” says BIRD. “I am humbled by the response to the song already and the way it has affected my manager to the point that we are postponing the Bird3 release to send this message. I originally wrote this song to help myself deal with what I was witnessing because I finally realized what real suffering was,” says BIRD. “I realized that if we don’t come together as fellow human beings, and unite for the betterment of the human race, we just won’t make it.”

Said Mintz of the collaboration:

“I met Bird in the LA music scene over a decade ago partying our way along the Sunset Strip, but it took a pandemic to lead us to collaborate remotely. Making music, sending files back and forth with an old friend is one of the few silver linings of this otherwise very isolating time. I hope this song helps others feel connected.”

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