Watch Billy Idol Perform His Song “Bitter Taste” on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’; New ‘The Roadside’ EP Out Now

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Back on Sept. 17, English punk rock icon Billy Idol released The Roadside EP, a set of four gritty new songs produced by Butch Walker that serves as Idol’s first release since 2014’s Kings & Queens of the Underground.

The lead single, “Bitter Taste,” is a powerful, reflective track with a killer hook — and on Thursday night, Idol, guitarist Steve Stevens and the band performed the track on Jimmy Kimmel Live!:

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The song’s themes reference Idol’s near-fatal 1990 motorcycle accident, and the song’s music video provides an even more visceral revisiting of his experience:

Said Billy Idol of “Bitter Taste” and its stark video:

“I think everyone has been feeling more reflective (during the pandemic). So, it seemed quite logical and natural to write something about my motorcycle accident,” Idol explains. “Certainly, the motorcycle accident was the catharsis, the wake-up moment. A little bit of me got left on that roadside. But it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing in the end; it was a wake-up call. Maybe on that roadside I left behind the irreverent youthful Billy and opened the door for a more attentive father and a more sensitive musician.”

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