Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day Tackles ‘War Stories’ by the Starjets for #NoFunMondays (Listen)

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One of the best aspects of #NoFunMondays, the new series of videos from Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong that finds him covering his favorite songs and artists as a means of keeping busy during the coronavirus pandemic, is the variety of acts he’s chosen thus far.

His latest target is the Starjets, the power pop/punk/New Wave band out of Northern Ireland, who may not be known to as many people as they should — especially among the Green Day fan base.

For his new entry in the series, Armstrong covered the Starjets’ “War Stories,” their 1979 single that ranks among the most noteworthy of their releases before the band split up a year later.

Armstrong’s cover captures the exuberance of the original, and it’s evident by listening to his take just how much of an influence the Starjets had on him:

And the original, for comparison’s sake:

Recent editions of Armstrong’s #NoFunMondays found him trying his hand at “That Thing You Do!” in tribute to the late Adam Schlesinger:

A fun rendition of “Manic Monday” by the Bangles, featuring Susanna Hoffs:

He also focused on another of his early punk heroes, the Bay Area’s The Avengers:

This all began as Armstrong found himself bored at home, channeling his angst into a cover of “I Think We’re Alone Now” by Tommy James and the Shondells:

Billie Joe Armstrong isn’t one to hide his influences — quite the contrary, in fact, and his #NoFunMondays covers series has made that more than apparent thus far.

Keep ’em coming, BJ!

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