Beatles 'Live at the Hollywood Bowl' to Be Released 9/9 with Unheard Recordings

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On September 9, The Beatles: Live at the Hollywood Bowl will be reissued in celebration of Ron Howards officially-sanctioned new documentary, The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years, which will be officially released in the U.S on September 15.
Per the press release, Live at the Hollywood Bowl brings back to life an out-of-print live recording of the Fab Four’s two concerts at the legendary venue in 1964 and 1965. However, it is not merely a ‘reissue’, as producer Giles Martin (son of the late Sir George Martin) has added some previously unheard recordings as well:
Documenting The Beatles’ Hollywood Bowl concerts on tape was no easy feat, as producer Sir George Martin explained in his album notes for 1977’s The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl:  “The chaos, I might almost say panic, that reigned at these concerts was unbelievable unless you were there. Only three track recording was possible; The Beatles had no ‘fold back’ speakers, so they could not hear what they were singing, and the eternal shriek from 17,000 healthy, young lungs made even a jet plane inaudible.”
While The Beatles: Live At The Hollywood Bowl references the long out of print 1977 album, it is an entirely new release, directly sourced from the original three track tapes of the concerts. To preserve the excitement of the shows while unveiling the performances in today’s best available clarity and quality, GRAMMY Award® winning producer Giles Martin and GRAMMY Award® winning engineer Sam Okell have expertly remixed and mastered the recordings at Abbey Road Studios, including the thirteen tracks from the original album produced by Giles’ father, plus four additional, previously unreleased recordings from the momentous concerts.
The Beatles: Live at the Hollywood Bowl will be released digitally, on CD and, on November 18, gatefold LP.
Here’s the official track listing for the album:

  1. Twist and Shout                                 [30 August, 1965]
  2. She’s A Woman                                 [30 August, 1965]
  3. Dizzy Miss Lizzy                                [30 August, 1965 / 29 August, 1965 – one edit]
  4. Ticket To Ride                                   [29 August, 1965]
  5. Can’t Buy Me Love                            [30 August, 1965]
  6. Things We Said Today                       [23 August, 1964]
  7. Roll Over Beethoven                          [23 August, 1964]
  8. Boys                                                 [23 August, 1964]
  9. A Hard Day’s Night                            [30 August, 1965]
  10. Help!                                               [29 August, 1965]
  11. All My Loving                                  [23 August, 1964]
  12. She Loves You                                [23 August, 1964]
  13. Long Tall Sally                                 [23 August, 1964]
  14. You Can’t Do That                           [23 August, 1964 – previously unreleased]
  15. I Want To Hold Your Hand                [23 August, 1964 – previously unreleased]
  16. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby  [30 August, 1965 – previously unreleased]
  17. Baby’s In Black                                [30 August, 1965 – previously unreleased]


  • Bill Puckett says:

    I hope they’ve somehow managed to ” quiet down ” the screaming crowd of teenagers so that we can actually ” hear ” the Beatles !

  • Chuck23 says:

    Looking forward to the reissue! The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl was the first record I ever bought.

  • When Martin was asked by Menon to hear the tapes he was impressed with the performances, but disappointed in the sound quality. In working on the three-track Hollywood Bowl concert tapes, Martin discovered quite a challenge.

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