A Copy of the Beatles’ ‘Butcher’ LP Oned by John Lennon Sold — for £180,000

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The Beatles‘ ‘Butcher’ album, otherwise known as 1966’s Yesterday and Today, is among the most infamous albums ever released, thanks to its edgy and controversial artwork depicting John, Paul, George and Ringo posing with bits of meat and decapitated baby dolls. The artwork was later amended for its U.S. release, making the original version a sought-after piece of Beatles memorabilia.

This week, a copy of the album originally owned by John Lennon sold at auction via Juliens Auctions — and the price was astronomical, due to its status as one of the more infamous moments of the Beatles’ career.

It sold for £180,000, to be exact, or roughly $234,000 in American dollars. The NME says it’s the third-most money spent on a vinyl record ever,

This particular version sold to an American collector at an auction in Liverpool:

More on the historic sale, via the NME:

Lennon’s copy previously adorned  the wall of his New York apartment until he gifted it to Dave Morrell, a lifelong Beatles fan and bootleg collector.

With signatures by Lennon, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, it is is believed to be the only “butcher” album featuring three Beatles’ signatures.

In a statement, a spokesman for Julien’s Auctions said the American collector had “bought the record as an investment believing it will increase in value in the years to come”.

This Beatles LP was pricy, but just four years ago Ringo Starr’s personal rare copy of the White Album sold for a reported $790,000 (£ 522,438).

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