John Lennon’s Glasses ($184,000) and Other Remarkable Beatles Memorabilia Sold in Sotheby’s Auction

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Sotheby’s recently ran a special auction for various items associated with the Beatles. The auction came to a close late last week, making some deep-pocketed fans of the Fab Four extremely happy, should their bid have secured one of the sought-after items.

Of particular interest in the auction was a pair of John Lennon‘s glasses, which he left behind in Ringo Starr‘s Mercedes in the summer of 1968. The pair ended up selling for 137,500 GBP, or roughly $184,000. Beatles chauffeur Alan Herring explained what happened in the item description:

Alan Herring states that “…In the summer of 1968 I had picked John up with Ringo and George in Ringo’s Mercedes and driven the boys into the office. When John got out of the car I noticed that he’d left these sunglasses on the back seat and one lens and one arm had become disconnected. I asked John if he’d like me to get them fixed for him. He told me not to worry they were just for the look! He said he’d send out for some that fit. I never did get them mended I just kept them as they were as John had left them.”

Some other intriguing items featured in the auction were a Decca audition tape signed by the Beatles, a Ferrari handbook owned by George Harrison, various puffy shirts owned by John, Paul, George and Ringo and much more.

More on the auction itself:

This December, Sotheby’s is delighted to present THE BEATLES. This online auction presents pieces with exceptional provenance ranging across the Beatles’s performing career. An early highlight is Brian Epstein’s unique copy of the tape of the band’s audition for Decca in January 1962; the sale also includes significant property from the previously unknown private collection of Alan Herring, who was employed by both George Harrison and Ringo Starr from 1967-1969.

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