Ringo Starr Says There Will Indeed Be a Box Set Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of ‘Abbey Road’

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Recent years have seen fancy and meticulously detailed reissues of classic Beatles albums like Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and the White Album, celebrations which may have sparked the thought: “Hmm, I wonder if a fancy reissue for the 50th anniversary of Abbey Road is in the works, too?”

The answer to that is yes, as Ringo Starr confirmed in a new chat with Billboard:

“I’ve loved all the re-releases because of the remastering, and you can hear the drums, which got dialed down in the old days,” Starr says. “I get a bit fed up, personally, with all those, like, Take 9 or Take 3, the odd takes that we didn’t put out, but that’s part of the box set and you have to do stuff like that. But I’ve always just listened to the record itself, what we put out in the 60s or 1970, and it’s brighter. It’s amazing with Beatles music; We have a billion streams a year now, and every generation still has a listen to us. Far out.”

Ringo’s right, of course. It is ‘far out’ that so many music fans continue to listen to the Beatles’ recorded output — and also for those who have discovered them in recent years, as well. Glad to see they aren’t going the way of Yesterday and becoming a forethought in music history.

In addition to that quote in the Billboard piece, Starr also mentions he’s finshing up work on another new studio album, which will be the follow-up to 2017’s Give More Love.

Stay tuned for more on all fronts — and because it was so special, revisit Starr’s recent team-up with his old pal Paul McCartney at Dodger Stadium:

As well as our Rock Cellar TV interview with Ringo, filmed in Las Vegas:


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