Watch Newly Unearthed Footage of the Beach Boys’ Visit to the San Diego Zoo for the ‘Pet Sounds’ Cover Shoot

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Were The Beach Boys actually “banned for life” after their historic visit to the San Diego Zoo on Feb. 13, 1966 to shoot the album cover for Pet Sounds? That’s the question at the center of a new report from CBS News 8 in San Diego, which also shared some previously “lost” footage from the legendary group’s trip to the zoo.

Shared on Wednesday, just days ahead of the 55th anniversary of the Pet Sounds photo shoot, the segment features interviews with Beach Boy Mike Love and photographer Ron Garrison, who worked for the Zoo and was there, on-hand, the day of the Beach Boys’ visit. The photo shoot, of course, would result in the iconic album cover for Pet Sounds, one of the most revered albums ever made and an untouchable piece of music history.

Though Garrison’s photograph wasn’t ultimately used for the album (as the band had its own photographer), he was able to shoot a similarly striking photo, which he displays in the interview.

Said Garrison of his memory of the day:

“Yes, I do remember. That was a very special day,” said Ron. “Would you like to see a picture that I have that was actually on the album cover?” Ron showed me how similar his photographs were compared to the picture the band used on the album cover. “Here was the album cover and this is what their photographer was setting up. Then I could do my picture. So that was the picture that I took,” said Ron.  

Watch the full clip, which features more quotes from Garrison and Love and some amusing chatter about whether or not the Beach Boys were “banned” from the Zoo due to inappropriate behavior that day (which had been reported in newspapers after their visit), below:

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