Irving Azoff’s Iconic Artists Group Acquires Controlling Interest in The Beach Boys’ Catalog

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Music and entertainment mogul Irving Azoff and his recently launched Iconic Artists Group made a splash on Thursday, acquiring a controlling interest in the intellectual property of The Beach Boys.

Per reports, the deal includes interest in the band’s brand, sound recordings, and memorabilia, though (per an announcement) the remaining members of the band and their heirs will retain some interest in their assets in order to “participate in the upside Iconic expects to create by actively marketing and promoting the Beach Boys.”

Rolling Stone provided additional details regarding this substantial deal between Azoff’s Iconic Artists Group and the Beach Boys. Per Rolling Stone:

“They can make the final decision on business decisions, which is what we really need — what we have needed, I should say,” says guitarist Al Jardine, who, with the rest of the band, will retain an interest in their assets, participating in the “upside” that Iconic expects to create by actively marketing and promoting the Beach Boys.

This deal is also noteworthy in that it comes on the heels of recent high-profile acquisitions involving the catalogs and repertoire of classic musical acts such as Bob Dylan (who sold his entire songwriting catalog for more than $300 million) and Mick Fleetwood (and, relatedly, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham individually).

Nicks sold 80 percent of her publishing rights to Primary Wave for around $80m last year.

Neil Young, meanwhile, also secured a deal with Hipgnosis for 50 percent of his catalog in early January.

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