Watch Rising Star Beabadoobee Perform ‘Care,’ from Her New Album ‘Fake It Flowers,’ on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

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Last month, rising indie/rock singer/songwriter Beabadoobee (real name: Bea Kristi) released her debut full-length album, Fake It Flowers.

The album comes after a series of head-turning EPs from the 20-year-old over the past few years, the buzz building enough to make Fake It Flowers one of the year’s most anticipated releases, her brand of jangly, 1990s-inspired heart-on-sleeve songwriting coalescing into a powerful musical statement.

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Earlier this week, Beabadoobee and her backing band turned in a performance of “Care,” the album’s catchy lead single, on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“Care” is a solid encapsulation of the impact of Fake It Flowers, which is a deeply personal statement from Beabadoobee.

Much like she did with her early songwriting, Bea Kristi began the process behind Fake It Flowers from her childhood bedroom … clearly a source of great inspiration for the songwriter:

“There’s something about the arched walls, and the weird smells, and the Tom Hanks posters, that frickin’ hits,” said Beabadoobee in a statement. “Like, as soon as I walk into my bedroom I want to write something. Mistakes I made on tour correlated to what happened when I was young. It was like a pattern. I went back to a really dark time.”

Writing, she says, helped her through. “[Childhood] was a traumatic time. I’m still trying to get over it, with the help of therapy and with the help of people around me. It’s going to take a while but writing this album has helped a lot. Every song is so personal, I’m low-key fucking terrified to show it to the world.”

If you haven’t listened to the album yet, do so below via Spotify:

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