Audio-Technica Debuts ATW-3255 Wireless In-Ear Monitor System at NAMM Show 2022

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Audio-Technica is an innovator in the wireless industry, and at this past weekend’s NAMM Show in Anaheim, Calif., the company — currently celebrating its 60th anniversary — debuted the 3000 Series Wireless In-Ear Monitor System.

Here’s a detailed description of the device, as explained to Rock Cellar by Gary Boss, Audio-Technica U.S. Marketing Director, at the Show:

“For those who don’t know, Audio-Technica is a maker of transducers primarily. A transducer is something that converts energy and in our case we specialize in anything you wiggle and make electricity, or if you put electricity into it, it wiggles. That would be microphones, headphones, phono cartridges. We’re happy to be celebrating our global 60th anniversary this year. The global headquarters is based in Tokyo, Japan while our US headquarters is in Northeast Ohio. We have numerous manufacturing facilities all around the world, with our highest-end products being made in Japan.

“One of the things that we’re bringing to market at this show is a brand new in-ear monitor system. This would be a wireless in-ear monitor, typically used by stage performers.

“A couple of cool things about our system. One is, as we know, the available frequencies that are available to operate wireless in the U.S. has constantly been shrinking. And many times, when companies manufacture a product, the product will only work in one small section of the available frequencies. On our system, it has 138 MHz of tunable bandwidth, which allows you much more flexibility to find a clean frequency. So rather than having multiple different units that you have to figure out which one you need, the 3000 Series IEM system covers most of the available bandwidth with one system.

“Number two, it has a network port on it.

“Well, why would you need that? Well, Audio Technica makes free software called Wireless Manager, and that’s going to help you coordinate and monitor all your wireless systems.  It will auto detect any 3000 Series IEM or 3000 Series Network wireless and populate it in the software. Once you do a frequency scan, it will build a channel plan and assign all the frequencies for you automatically. When you look at the bodypack, which would be your receiver, we have a nice big gettin’ loud knob on it. Ease of use for performers was one of the main requirements requested in our survey. In wireless, one antenna is good, but two antennas is typically called diversity, and that’s better. You’re going to notice that this pack has one antenna, but it’s a diversity. How can that be? Well, our engineers figured out how to use the cable from your in-ear monitor and use that as the second antenna. And then talking about the actual monitors, many people who are buying in-ear monitors in this price range do not have custom in-ear headphones. We wanted to make certain that we included a very good high-quality ear monitor. So we include our $100, ATH-E40 headphones. These are a proprietary dual push-pull driver system that feature a detachable cable and are a very high-quality professional earbud. That’s going to come right in the box when you buy this system.”

For more, here’s a video from Sweetwater at NAMM 2022:

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